Riverhouse Hookers 2017 – A Look Back

Learning and teaching new techniques in crochet gives me a sense of achievement and also brings me a great amount of satisfaction. I love hanging out twice a week with my students who, I like to think, have… Read More

Swedish Crochet Nålebinding Socks Course

This is a very special course and a chance to learn a really ancient and almost lost, Scandinavian crochet stitch. I was fortunate enough to have attended a weekend course this year where I was taught “Crochet Nålebinding”… Read More

Chipstead Mitts – A Slip Stitch Crochet Pattern

At the beginning of the year, I taught my class about Slip Stitch Crochet and these mittens are what they made to master the technique. Slip stitch crochet to creates a dense and warm fabric – perfect for… Read More