Sewing In Ends Of Crochet Projects

I often get asked how I weave in my ends and what is the best way to sew in ends of crocheted projects so that they don’t come undone or look messy. I’ve put together this post to… Read More

Granny Stitch Crochet Border & Join for Three Round Solid Squares

Granny Stitch Border & Join As You Go For Full Motifs (US Crochet Terminology) For the “Three Round Solid Granny Square” As per my Blue Buoy Blanket, here I’m using the classic 3 double crochet granny cluster stitch… Read More

Half Motif – Three Round Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern

half granny square crochet motif turquoise free pattern

Three Round Solid Granny Square Half Motif –  Crochet Pattern (US Crochet Terminology) This half square crochet pattern features in my Blue Buoy blanket pattern and it’s used to fill the edges and make the corners of the… Read More

Star Flower Crochet Motif – Basic Join

I’ve had a lot of interest in my Star Flower motif patterns, both the full and half motifs. I’m really sorry it’s taken me a while to get this post up, but at last here are the instructions… Read More

Rainbow Heirloom Little Square Crochet Motif – Free Pattern

I bought two bundles of Solo Light Minis by Rainbow Heirloom, on a whim when I saw them on Ysolda Teague’s website at the end of 2017. Although I love bright and cheerful colours, I tend to shy… Read More

Coin Purse With Button – A Free Crochet Pattern

When I’m teaching my 5 week courses, I often get students that finish their projects before others so I have developed a number of small, “mini-projects” to help keep them busy in class! This little purse is one… Read More

Simple Daisy Flower Pattern – Free

A quick and easy crochet pattern for a pretty, decorative daisy.