Little Donkey – Crocheted Toy

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Pattern Details
Horse and Unicorn Crochet Pattern
“The finished horse or unicorn has legs that can move so that it can sit or stand. It is about 10″ tall (depending on how thick your yarn is).”
Designed by Melissa Bastow
Available from her Etsy store.

Materials Used
I used Vanna’s Choice worsted weight yarn (white, bluebell, sapphire) and my favourtie 4.5mm Clover Amour hook (a smaller hook than the specified size to obtain a tighter gauge). This resulted in a slightly smaller toy (8.5″), so he became a donkey rather than a horse 🙂
For the stuffing, I used organic kapok.
The eyes and leg joints are spare buttons from my button box.

Pattern Review mezzamay_crochet_little_donkey (12)
Although the pattern is not difficult, it is not written in the format I am used to for amigurumi – the pattern is not written round by round, stating the stitch count you should have at the end of each round but rather in sections which means it can be easy to lose where you are if you are not experienced and/or if you are not concentrating. For many sections of the pattern there is no stitch count given at all so you can’t check easily for mistakes.
Other than that, it is a good pattern, with lots of images, presented in a clear format.

As mentioned above, it is not a difficult pattern, however, you do need to concentrate as the pattern in not worked per row/round which means that unless you place a stitch marker after section, it can be quite easy to lose track of where you are.
mezzamay_crochet_little_donkey (10)The parts I found trickiest were the sewing of the head onto the body and attaching the legs. The legs are particularly fiddly as you are instructed to sew on the left and right legs, along with the corresponding buttons, simultaneously.The buttons I had available had holes that were too small for my darning/wool needle so I used a normal, sharp sewing needle and white Gütermann cotton thread.
It’s also quite tricky to bunch and tie the threads for the mane and tale tightly enough so that they don’t pull through easily.

Overall, I am really pleased with the finished toy – he’s a cute little chap that can stand or sit and definately seems to have a personality. I am a little bit concerned as to how robust the mane and tail are – there is a potential for them to be pulled out so I would probably not allow a baby or young toddler to play with this unsupervised.

Future Modifications
If I were to make this again I think I would make the body slightly bigger and try to find an easier way to attach the legs – perhaps I’d tack the buttons into place on the legs first so that the whole process is less fiddly.

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