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As an indie pattern writer, I appreciate the importance of test knitters and crocheters. These are dedicated people that devote their time, yarn and feedback to test patterns – usually free of charge. They help spot errors, typos and layout issues and offer suggestions on re-wording and clarity. They can also give feedback on the finished item such as size and design issues. Without these kind and dedicated testers, many indie designers would struggle to produce quality patterns.

Testers are definitely not a replacement for “tech editors” but they are a vital part of the pattern writing and publishing process. Finished projects, especially if they are well executed and photographed, are a great way for the designer’s work to be publicised.artesano aran walnut

As part of the indie design community I like to contribute by test knitting/crocheting other designers’ patterns. One of my most recent test knits was for the designer Danskknit who contacted me, asking if I’d test knit her “Normandie” sweater.

This is a simple, top down, v-neck sweater knit seamlessly in an Aran weight yarn. My 18 month old, Marco, is actually a little short of sweaters so I saw this as a way to kill two birds with one stone! Plus, I have been waiting for an excuse to use the Artesano Aran which is one of my favourite yarns.

It was an enjoyable test knit with a very satisfying result – a very warm good looking sweater that’s a perfect fit! I think I might even make him another!
The pattern hasn’t been published yet – but once it is, I’ll add a link to this post.

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  1. Hi – has this pattern been released yet? I can’t see a link on your original post – but I could be looking in the wrong place!

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